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Lab7 Systems Corporate Development
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Challenge: Seed-stage startup needed corporate structure and materials to initiate Series A fundraising efforts.

Solution: Developed ​market analysis, competitive matrices, and value proposition. Created fundraising pitch decks and executive summaries. Coached company President on presentation style and messaging. Facilitated introductions to investors and presented on behalf of the company. Directly raised over 30% of Seed capital.

Outcome: Company was able to double its seed funding. Company leveraged new materials to secure $5M Series A financing.

Cutting Edge Gamer Revenue Scale
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Challenge: Established small company wanted to double revenue from online sources.

Solution: Conducted market analysis to determine the best use of online ad sales dollars and time for best ROI. Used Facebook ads to create brand awareness and directly engage customers.

Outcome: Sales increased from $400K to over $1.0M in the span of two years. Steadily increasing year over year using a lean social media sales strategy suited to its unique needs.

Molecular Devices Genomics Integration

Challenge: Global research instrumentation company acquired Arcturus Bioscience and required integration into existing lines of business.

Solution: Developed new department structure and integrated acquired headcount into matrix with Microarray Analysis business unit. Created comprehensive messaging to emphasize end-to-end solution offering. Integrated product families under a common corporate operations entity. Cross-trained staff to build competencies and to enable transparency across department.

Outcome: Rapid integration of acquired assets and people streamlined the go-to-market timeline for integrated product families. Combined revenue grew 10% year over year.

L7 Informatics Rebrand

Challenge: Previous company name did not capture the intended market or reflect the company's mission.

Solution: Work with leadership team and outside MarCom group to develop corporate vision, values, and mission statements. Developed new brand image and launch strategy. Created new website, collateral, and trade show booth materials.

Outcome: New company name correctly reflects corporate strategy and direction. Visual design now reflects a more dynamic culture and vision.

WigWag Social Activation

Challenge: Seed-stage startup needed to build its online presence to promote kickstarter, to promote greater brand awareness, and to ensure maximum exposure for earned media.

Solution: Developed plan to build Social Media presence and targeted ads ahead of Kickstarter launch, using community engagement through identification of 
cross promotional opportunities and opportunities to engage with potential customers that might be interested in IOT smart home solutions.

Outcome: Social media presence was increased by and average of 9x across multiple platforms. Kickstarter goal of $50K was exceeded by over $400K.
Kickstarter success used to catapult the company into further development opportunities and ultimately a profitable exit by the founding team.  

Enthought Commercial Strategy Revamp 

Challenge: Consulting company needed commercial structure to significantly multiply sales over a 5-year timeline. 18-year old company could no longer grow using existing strategy and tactics. 

Solution: Interviews with divisional VPs and individual stakeholders to examine existing commercial strategy, which heavily leveraged the CEO to present and close 80% of new business opportunities. Developed new commercial organizational chart with divisional sales specialists who leverage subject matter experts. Implementation of CRM and establishment of rigorous forecasting methodologies enabled 25%-50% increase of divisional pipelines.  

Outcome: Company is now positioned to explore a greater number of opportunities and leverage target-market specialists to deliver solutions. New structure enables painless scaling of commercial operations.

Lab7 Systems Operations Development
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Challenge: Software startup with 6 employees had closed Series A financing and needed to scale its organization. 

Solution: As a member of the leadership team, implemented corporate finance system, payroll and HR management solution, VOIP company phone system, marketing automation, and CRM platforms. Developed and implemented recruiting and hiring policies. Developed employment documentation for new hires and created employee handbook.

Outcome: Company was able to seamlessly grow from 6 employees to over 20 in the span of 18 months. 

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